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For those who are new to Pilates or are trying to ease themselves back into a regime, this class is for you.

During the course, you will learn about the principles and fundamentals of Pilates, classical exercises based on the original repertoire and gain familiarity with some small Pilates equipment such as the small ball, resistance (stretchy) band, and my personal favourite, the Pilates Ring (aka Circle).

We will build on the skills you need to execute more challenging moves and progress to the next level. All ages are welcome.

Mixed Level


In these classes you can expect an increased number of moves and repetitions to strengthen the entire body and create a balanced musculature. We aim to challenge what is strong and strengthen what is weak building muscle endurance and flexibility, however, modifications are always offered so you can move at your level of control and ability. If you enjoy challenges and want to strive for progress but in a safe and smart way, this class is designed for you.

Fine-tuning Workshops


The aim of these practical workshops is to look at the method in greater detail to discover  and understand the genius behind these uniquely selected exercises.

May they be about stretching and lengthening or strengthening and toning, during these workshops you will gain a better understanding of why we do everything in a certain way in Pilates so the focus will be on the “why” and not just on the “how.”

These workshops will also allow you to tune into your body, apply subtle changes to form and execution to perfect your technique and get even more out of your Pilates practice.

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Monday (mixed level) , 8p.m  2nd September-16th December

Wednesday (mixed level), 7.30 pm, 4th September-18th December

(both classes are in the Parish Hall)

Thursday ( beginners) 8.00 pm, 5th September- 19th December

(Please note: this class has moved to GAA building (on the pitch) in Cappoquin )


Call Zsofia directly on (086)4041056 for One to One classes


Monday (mixed level), 10 am, 2nd September – 16th December
Wednesday (mixed level), 10 am, 4th September – 18th December
Friday (mixed level), 10 am, 6th September – 20th December

Please check website and facebook page regularly for updates and additional information 🙂

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About Pilates

About Zsofia

I am a former school teacher and linguist by profession and have been practising Pilates for well over ten years. The very first time I did Pilates I instinctively knew it was very good for my body and I haven’t stopped ever since.

Like many others across the world, I can honestly say this is one of the best types of exercise one can undertake as both body and mind are conditioned alike. Having gone through two pregnancies (including a twin) along with years of lower back pain, Pilates proved to be an immensely valuable practice in my daily life.

After experiencing the benefits of Pilates (greater muscle endurance, flexibility, improved muscle tone and alignment), my enthusiasm and passion led me to train as a Pilates teacher. After completing an Advanced Diploma in Pilates Matwork 3 (awarded by Pilates Institute Ireland), I am even more committed and passionate about this exercise form and more importantly about teaching it to others.My Pilates journey is forever ongoing and the more I discover about this amazing method through workshops and research, the more I want to know. My passion for anatomy, movement and its healing effect on the human body makes me want to continuously expand my knowledge and further my training so I can bring everything there is to know about the method to you.